Animals and Other Subjects

Isaiah 41:10

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Don't be afraid, for I am with you.  Do'n"t be discouraged, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

In this painting, Christina explores the wonder of the mature butterfly and its enjoyment of the flowers.


Wind, rain, snow and heat have shaped this tree like a soul.  Christina has captured this sensitive and joyful story in a 12"x12" oil painting on 1 1/2" cradle board.  



In Giclee format $150


The longing of a terrier for his friend just left for college.  Both sad and expectant, he awaits her return.

At Arroyo Secco near Taos, New Mexico, this eye catching scene is the inspiration for Christina's painting of Sunflowers against the Southwestern mountains.


This work is created with oil on a 12" by 9" wood panel.  $275 SOLD


Giclee format available :  $135

Christina's Art is available in the Original Oil and/or Giclee* Style

On top of the moutain this little guy is quite large in his heart!  

TThe frisky colt learns with his human and his mother close by. Like the animals, we have many teachers.  They are not always the ones we expect.  Every living thing around us is our teacher if we will only listen and learn.


A Giclee is a fine art digital print made on high quality paper or canvas by a very unique and high quality ink jet printer.  The product may then stretched on a strong wood frame or framed for display.  Giclees are made at the time of the order and can be anticipated to shipped within 3 weeks from the date of the order.  A limited number of 50 Giclees are made of selected paintings.  The Giclees are numbered and signed.  Giclees range in price from $50 and up depending on size of the painting.  Giclees are available from the paintings shown here.

Contact Christina about other desired Giclees.  or 1.501.580.6783.

Wild and free these Hollyhocks sprung up by the side of a bike path in Northern Germany.  Preserved in Christina's memory, their brilliant and confident blossoms now live on for the enjoyment of all.


This work is created with oil on a 1 1/2"cradle board

10" x 20"



In Giclee format $200

Oh the wonder of a bee...busy, searching, finding, drinking, depositing, and then the honey.  The bright colored flowers have just the right hue to attract him and give him their nectar.

Is there any sweeter relationship than with a person you can pour your heart out to and she still loves you even more deeply?  If the Lord is within that friendship, it is even deeper and more meaningful.


This painting represents that beautiful relationship touched by God's handiwork and the artist's brush.

The Original Oil was 14"x17" and was a gift to a friend.


The Giclee format is available:  $350





Such compassionate eyes and smiling mouth, Jack invites us into his world and we are never quite the same.



With deep searching eyes and perky ears, Emma sits comfortably awaiting the love of her mistress.


Together we walk toward the cross.  What a beautiful journey into eternity!

Old Daisy

They just know that they can be friends.  What a mystery!  God has planted friendship in many places.  We must look for them and be open to their invitation.